Our mirrors, like our lighting fixtures, are hand crafted by Florentine artisans. They make a great addition to any room, especially when complimenting our lighting fixtures. Some mirrors can go in specific places in order to serve specific purposes, such as in the bathroom. However, choosing the right place to hang a decorative mirror is not an easy task. The most important thing to consider is what is going to be reflected in the mirror. For example, a mirror placed in front of a glass door or window can bring the outdoors inside.

Most people like to incorporate full-length mirrors into their bedroom. However, the mirror can be hidden behind a door where it can only been seen when used. We recommended that you hang your full-length mirror on a wall for the best effect. Another strategy to get the most out of your mirror is to place it near or behind a light fixture to double the amount of light you normally would have.

Our hand-made Italian mirrors, with modern flair, are fresh and unexpected, defined by their perfect balance of fashion and function. Exemplifying modern simplicity, these mirrors are works of art, simple in design, but bold in innovative artistry. Our mirrors are not heavily ornamented; rather the focus is on shape and texture. These mirrors are available in finely finished metals and many intriguing shapes and sizes.

A stylish and unique frame can help make the most of your mirror, especially when it is placed in the right setting. Dragonfly?s mirrors are perfect for any application and when paired with our lighting, can enhance the character of any room.

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This mirror is part of the EXA collection which is known for its playfully elegant design. The 30/DA..


This mirror is part of the EXA collection which is known for its playfully elegant design. The 30/RT..

LUNE 364

This mirror is part of the LUNE collection which is known for its sculpted Venetian shades, long flo..

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