LUNE 364

LUNE 364

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This mirror is part of the LUNE collection which is known for its sculpted Venetian shades, long flowing arms, and brilliant handcrafted leaf details . The 364's festively tropical shape and beautiful details can brighten up any room. It works great in kitchens and living rooms were family and friends tend to congregate. It also goes well in smaller rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms as it becomes the focal point of these spaces and adds character in a classy, subtle manner. The 364 is well-suited for high visible areas like foyers and living rooms. Additionally, to bring the outdoors in, mount this mirror near a glass door or window. To add some character to your bathroom, install this mirror over your sink. When installed in the same space as other Dragonfly's lighting fixtures the impact is exponential. Available metal finishes include GA, RGO and RGV and available shades are 20 and 93.

Bulbs Total 1
Bulbs Type G9
Watts 50W
Height 39"
Width 8"

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